Our industry leading technology uses conversational tones that mimic the human voice and tonality. This provides a realistic and connected experience for every customer. Our dynamic conversational AI platform is fully featured and integrates speech recognition, natural language programming, and intuitive responses.

Expand Your Call Center

With an Ai Dialer and Ai agent, you can expand your call center and take your operations to new levels of success. When your call center needs to place more calls per minute to optimize the number of contacts made each day, AI technology offers the right solutions. We have the capability to phase your live agent call center operation over to an AI agent-based system that can place over 25000 calls per minute. In addition to placing more calls in a shorter amount of time, AI technology also ensures that your customers always get the most accurate and professional answers to their inquiries. This gives your business increased continuity and presents a unified and professional front to customers while increasing productivity.

Increase Lead Captures & Improve Sales

One of the primary solutions that AI offers to marketers is the ability to capture more leads and to ensure that those leads are hyper-targeted. With more qualified leads, the likelihood of making a sale is greatly increased. Marketers, sales agents, and the majority of companies in many different industries can benefit from using AI in lead generation and sales. Since AI technology is vastly more capable at analyzing large datasets of information and gleaning insights from them, they are able to identify patterns of behaviors in potential customers which can identify them as a target for lead capture. Implementing AI technology in one’s marketing efforts is the best way to keep up with the competition in your niche while increasing profitability for your business.

  • Perfect and constant quality of questions and conversations.
  • Save time and only speak with those who match your requirements.
  • Simply pay by the minute for the phone call conversations.
  • Work with MUCH less call center personal for the same volume.
  • No more training, quality control or audits of phone agents.
  • Always ask the perfect qualifying and filtering questions.
  • Save over 80% of the cost having an offshore call center.
  • Automated surveys without the use of staff or operators.