Benefits Include:

  • Increase agent productivity by 200%. Provide your customers with the best customer experience, making each customer feel valued.
  • Real-time call pacing option in a flexible manner. Remote agent support, live agent reassignment and same agent call back facility.
  • Increase center performance and efficiency with a Hosted Predictive Dialer with Avatar.
  • Enhance customer service with an Outbound Predictive Dialer your customers will no longer hear silent tones.
  • Ensure your agents are connected to more people.

What is avatar?

AVATAR is that it ensures perfect quality sales pitch by using sound bites. Once the predictive dialer connects to the customer, live agents do not speak directly to the customer. Instead, they would just click from the soundboard and let the avatar does all the talking in perfect English, based on market location – may be it be in USA, UK, Australia or any English Speaking country. 

Why Choose Us?

We ensure quality management and the best customer support that is functional all-time and has up-to-date data.

Secure Cloud

The data present on the portal is prevented from all security breaches.

24x7 Support

Our team is available all the time to ensure a well-resolved working environment at our portal.

Relevant Features

Our preview dialer with its various features provides an all-in-one platform for your call center.


Our versatile features offered are affordable and pocket-friendly.